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What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money (also referred to as unclaimed property and unclaimed funds) – are personal assets that, for a variety of reasons, have become separated from their owners. is your free source for information on the tens of billions of unclaimed money and unclaimed property being held today in state and federal unclaimed accounts. By clicking on the “Search Your State” link you can freely search your state data base for unclaimed funds.  If you want to learn more about the subject matter of unclaimed property in general and require a more comprehensive search strategy, Check out our “What is Unclaimed Money” section.  Here are some basic tips:

1. Search for Everyone – family (living and non-living), friends, and names of businesses.

2.  Search for maiden names and common misspellings of your name.

3. Aside from state data bases – there is over $16 billion sitting in federal coffers waiting to be found. Remember those savings bonds you got when your were young ? Do you know where they are?


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In total there’s well over $50 billion awaiting claim in both state and federal data bases!

Some examples of unclaimed money may include:

          • Stocks
          • Insurance policies
          • Un-cashed money orders
          • Forgotten about accounts

A good portion of all unclaimed money is held by individual states. New York, for instance, now holds over $14 billion in unclaimed money in roughly as many as 23 million accounts. Pennsylvania has $1.5 billion and New Jersey holds at least $1 billion as well. Smaller states such as Maine list lesser amounts – $131 million in 42,000 accounts.

The collection, management, and efforts to find rightful property owners is a business in and of itself. In general a state collects more unclaimed money than they return to rightful property owners through the course of one fiscal year. It takes a significant bureaucracy to enforce laws that govern the collection of unclaimed money and to devise and implement strategies to find rightful property owners. In New York as well as other states boast that the amount of money returned is expanding. For example, in 2008 NY returned $194 million to property owners – a $25 million increase over money returned in 2007. Unclaimed money is a win win situation for all involved and there’s money to be had for those on both sides, you just have to know where to look. This site is dedicated to helping you find missing funds.


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Unclaimed Money Total is Over $800 Million in Tennessee

Unclaimed Money Total is Over $800 Million in Tennessee

Unclaimed Money Nashville TennesseeUnclaimed money, also known as unclaimed property totals have reached nearly $800 million in Tennessee.  The volunteer state estimates an unclaimed money total of over $789 million according to a report by News Channel 11 WJHL.  While most missing money claims average tens or hundreds of dollars, one lucky tennessean was awarded $1.2 million in the form of a stock her late husband took out that she was previously unaware of.  This was just one of the over $6 million unclaimed money accounts the state holds according to Shell King from the Tennessee Department of the Treasury.  In the article King went on to outline the process the state takes in reuniting missing money with its rightful owners or in some cases next of kin:

King said the department goes through a four-step process to try to reunite a owner with their money whenever unclaimed property comes into the division. She said the first step is to cross-check employer databases if the property has a social security number attached to it. “The second thing we do,” Kings said, “We actually send a letter to the last known address that’s been turned over. Third thing we do, we advertise names of those with unclaimed property in papers across the state… Every single piece of property is listed on our website [as well].”  King said people can even claim money for a deceased relative.”There’s a few more steps needed to claim that but our claim examiners actually work with individuals to help provide the documentation needed to verify their claim.” Tennessee returned a record-breaking 41,000 claims last year with the majority originating from people who discovered their name on the state’s website

Tennessee’s unclaimed money website is very well organized site with an online unclaimed money search that displays the owner name, property type, holder, and amount. In addition the site offers a section documenting the “what, how, why and when” of unclaimed money. In addition to you finding them, the division actively seeks to reunite you with your unclaimed money by mailing a claim forms to your place of work, last know address and more. This site posts info for holders. We rate this as one of the best state sites we’ve seen!

Tennessee State Page


Unclaimed Money in Virginia Total is Over $2.5 Billion

Unclaimed Money in Virginia Total is Over $2.5 Billion

Virginia Unclaimed MoneyIn Virginia, the amount of money owed to its citizens is over $2.5 billion.  Unclaimed money and unclaimed property are defined as monetary or physical assets which have become separate from their rightful owners over time.  There are many different types of unclaimed money and unclaimed property such as utility deposits, stocks, bonds and much more.

According to a report by WSLS 10 1 in 4 Virginians is owed some form of unclaimed money.  In fact, one Thursday in October, WSLS teamed up with the Virginia Department of the Treasury to help reunite citizens with their unclaimed property.  In the short time their phone banks were open they helped return over $50,000 worth of items previously unclaimed.

Alex Baker is the man who oversees all of the unclaimed property:

“When you start telling people, hey we are actually here to give you back money or possessions they are always happy. You aren’t collecting,” said Baker.

From ancient history, like valuable coins from the Byzantine Empire, to the latest technology, Baker has seen it all.

“You are seeing a part of people’s lives,” continued Baker.

Items like an antique trunk full of valuable family heirlooms, just waiting for its newest generation to claim it.

“You know these people are out there somewhere. The families are out there somewhere. At some point, hopefully you are going to be reconnecting these things with these families. You get to see that excitement, sometimes that surprise that this stuff was even out there,” said Baker.

Virginia’s site offers a searchable unclaimed money database.  In addition info on claim forms, claim status, and an FAQ section appear. This division will even come to your organization to conduct a search upon request. Unclaimed money account lists are printed in state newspapers. Contact info, a YouTube presentation, info for holders and forms having to do with unclaimed property are also available.  Links to a number of other helpful resources also appear on this site.

Virginia Unclaimed Money Page

Unclaimed Money Owners To Be Posted In Delaware State News

Unclaimed Money Owners To Be Posted In Delaware State News

Delaware Unclaimed MoneyEver live or know someone who has lived in Delaware?  They may have unclaimed money or unclaimed property.  On Friday October 28th the Delaware Department of Finance will publish the names and addresses of over 160,000 accounts that contain unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  In the last three years Delaware has returned over $300 million in unclaimed money and unclaimed property to its rightful owners.  The published list will be a 496 page supplement to the paper according to the Delaware State News.

Delaware’s website offers a printable list of unclaimed property owners with an archived property going back to 2006.  The site features instructions for holders of unclaimed property and unclaimed money.

Here is more information from the State page,

Many people find it hard to believe they may have overlooked an investment or savings account, but the thousands of names published annually show that it happens more often than you might think. Unclaimed property can include forgotten bank accounts, un-cashed checks, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, dividends, and utility deposits and refunds. Most of these accounts are considered abandoned, and have been turned over to the state after years of inactivity. If you’re interested in being reunited with your property, visit our fast, safe, and secure website at to complete your claim.

The agency continues to find new and refined ways to reunite owners with their assets as quickly and securely as possible. These enhanced features allow visitors to submit and check their claims status anywhere, at any time. Since the department unveiled its updated searchable website last year, it has rolled out a succession of improvements that make the process of recovering property more convenient for property owners. Owners who seek to recover property can now file claims using mobile devices and safely and securely upload documentation to claims processing staff.

If you’re interested in reconnecting with your property, “The web claim process is simple, and can be completed in a few minutes,” says State Escheator, David Gregor. “We encourage citizens to visit the website at any time to see if they may be entitled to recover property.”

Delaware Unclaimed Money State Page: