Florida is holding more than $1 billion in unclaimed property. There is no statute of limitations for filing a claim.  Like many states Florida places a large emphasis on collecting unclaimed property. $298,135,491 was collected in 2009.  $41,249,211 was paid out in 2009/10.  Florida uses the interest on unclaimed funds for public schools and public education. Since its’ program inception Florida has collected over $3.3 billion, and returned $1.4 billion to property owners. The state offers workshops for holders of unclaimed funds and procedures for fund turnover to the state. Their site offers a searchable data base and the ability to track your claim. In addition this state sends out letters to some property owners informing them of unclaimed funds.

Florida Department of Financial Services

Post Office Box 8599

Tallahassee, FL 32314-8599

Phone/Fax: (888) 258-2253 or (850)413-5555

Email: FloridaUnclaimedProperty@MyFloridaCFO.com

Website: www.fltreasurehunt.org