Unclaimed Money in Virginia Total is Over $2.5 Billion

Unclaimed Money in Virginia Total is Over $2.5 Billion

Virginia Unclaimed MoneyIn Virginia, the amount of money owed to its citizens is over $2.5 billion.  Unclaimed money and unclaimed property are defined as monetary or physical assets which have become separate from their rightful owners over time.  There are many different types of unclaimed money and unclaimed property such as utility deposits, stocks, bonds and much more.

According to a report by WSLS 10 1 in 4 Virginians is owed some form of unclaimed money.  In fact, one Thursday in October, WSLS teamed up with the Virginia Department of the Treasury to help reunite citizens with their unclaimed property.  In the short time their phone banks were open they helped return over $50,000 worth of items previously unclaimed.

Alex Baker is the man who oversees all of the unclaimed property:

“When you start telling people, hey we are actually here to give you back money or possessions they are always happy. You aren’t collecting,” said Baker.

From ancient history, like valuable coins from the Byzantine Empire, to the latest technology, Baker has seen it all.

“You are seeing a part of people’s lives,” continued Baker.

Items like an antique trunk full of valuable family heirlooms, just waiting for its newest generation to claim it.

“You know these people are out there somewhere. The families are out there somewhere. At some point, hopefully you are going to be reconnecting these things with these families. You get to see that excitement, sometimes that surprise that this stuff was even out there,” said Baker.

Virginia’s site offers a searchable unclaimed money database.  In addition info on claim forms, claim status, and an FAQ section appear. This division will even come to your organization to conduct a search upon request. Unclaimed money account lists are printed in state newspapers. Contact info, a YouTube presentation, info for holders and forms having to do with unclaimed property are also available.  Links to a number of other helpful resources also appear on this site.

Virginia Unclaimed Money Page

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