Delaware Unclaimed Money

Delaware unclaimed money

Despite being one of the smaller states in the US, Delaware boasts over half a billion in unclaimed money and unclaimed property. Like many other states Delaware doesn’t disclose its totals very often. Instead they like to post about the totals they give back in a given fiscal year.

Right on the state unclaimed money search page it states that over $300 million has been returned to its rightful owners in the past three years.

What is Unclaimed Money In Delaware?

Delaware has the same unclaimed money types as most states including: lost stocks/bonds, utility deposits, security deposit boxes, and more. Basically if a company has something to return to you, they have five years to locate you prior to turning the property or cash over to the state. The only exception to this rule is stocks that must be turned over after three years.

The unclaimed money website for Delaware is relatively new (they moved it in Feb ’19) and it offers a very easy to use search option one click away on the home page. Simply put in the name (last is all that is required) and the results populate. They are listed by name on the account and city the account holder lived in at the point of this money going unclaimed. They also list who reported the money or property as well as whether it’s above or below $50.

Claims can be filed online now and are easy to complete. Doing these forms online is definitely easier now that they are able to ensure they capture all the information necessary in order to expedite the claim process. Once a claim is submitted you can also check its status. All you need is the claim number and you are all set.

Unclaimed Money Paid Assistance In Delaware

Some states regulate the amounts you can be charged to have someone assist in the unclaimed money claiming process. Delaware definitely allows people to assist you, but does not cap the percentage they can receive for their services. Streamlining their online claiming process should allow less need for assistance when claiming.

Delaware’s website offers a viewable (printable) list of unclaimed property owners with an archived property going back to 2006.  The site features instructions for holders of unclaimed property.  Delaware prints lists of property owners in state publications such as newspapers and journals
Delaware Division of Finance and Revenue

Delaware Department of Finance 
Office of Unclaimed Property 
PO Box 8931 
Wilmington, DE 19899-8931

Phone: Claim Questions 855-505-7520