Hawaii Unclaimed Money

Hawaii unclaimed money
Hawaii Is Holding Over $320 Million In Unclaimed Money

The state of Hawaii’s unclaimed money coffers are more full that you might think. Currently, the Aloha state holds over $320 million in unclaimed money and unclaimed property. According to a report, each year the state returns around $10-11 million, but collects nearly $30 million in missing money.

In Hawaii, the type of unclaimed money is typical, from utility deposits to bank accounts and more. The only exception is real estate, the state does not receive or hold any unclaimed real estate.

How To Search For Unclaimed Money In Hawaii

Hawaii’s unclaimed money search system is unique compared to other states. They do not use the MissingMoney.com system of searching, and are one of only 10 states who have completely in house searchable databases. Another unique item is that all searches must be exact matches. Meaning if you are John Smith, you can’t just type in Smith, or J Smith. You have to type your full name. We still suggest you try some common misspellings, since this is one of the common ways money and property becomes unclaimed.

Once a result is found, it does provide a significant information, including the owner and co owner, full address, reporting company and exact amount owed. If there are stock shares that are unclaimed, they even provide how many shares of the stock they are holding. Their claim form instructions are very specific, be sure to follow all of them carefully or it can result in delays getting your money. In some instances, you may need the claim form notarized (claims valued at $50 or more, claims consisting of stock or mutual fund shares, claims consisting of safe deposit box contents).

Phone: available 7:45am – 4:30pm

Oahu(808) 586-1589
Hawaii(808) 974-4000; then dial extension 6-1589
Kauai(808) 274-3141; then dial extension 6-1589
Maui(808) 984-2400; then dial extension 6-1589
Lanai u0026amp; Molokai1-800-468-4644; then dial extension 6-1589

Website: Hawaii State Page