Alabama Unclaimed Money

Alabama unclaimed moneyBelieve it or not, the state of Alabama holds over $400 million dollars of unclaimed money. If you’re thinking, how do I find my money, and where are these assets? —, we’ve got the information you need so there’s no need to Google “unclaimed money Alabama.” The goal of our website is to be the premiere resource for people looking for unclaimed money based on each state’s individual laws. We are here to help people understand, state by state, how each state manages unclaimed money and how you, the everyday citizen, can find money that is lost by the government, but owed to you. Instead of banging your head against the wall, read on to learn more about how Alabama handles unclaimed funds. There are many people who end up claiming hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars by doing their due diligence and researching unclaimed funds every year.

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Alabama

If you’ve been looking for the tutorial on how to find unclaimed money in Alabama, let’s get you started. Each year, millions of funds are turned over to the State Treasure’s office by businesses and financial institutions. These funds come in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Valuables from safe deposits

The Treasury then serves as guardian of these funds. Searching the state’s unclaimed money website will help you to find Alabama unclaimed funds. Typically, the site is updated regularly.

The Alabama State Treasury website offers the following information to help your unclaimed money search go smoothly:

  • Capability to search for unclaimed money
  • A FAQ Fact sheet about online auctions

The Treasury’s goal is to help get these funds to the right owners, but why wait for them to make that first step? Start a search today to see what you can uncover for yourself.

Office of State Treasurer

Unclaimed Money Alabama

Unclaimed Property Division

PO Box 302520

Montgomery, AL  36130-2520

Telephone: (334) 242-9614 or Toll Free (888) 844-8400

Fax:  (334) 242-9620


Website: Alabama State Page