Unclaimed Contents of Safety Deposit Boxes

Unlock Hidden Wealth: Finding Unclaimed Contents of Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes often hold valuable items that go unclaimed when the owner forgets or passes away. Here’s how to reclaim these contents.


Searching for Unclaimed Safety Deposit Boxes

Unclaimed safety deposit boxes are turned over to the state after a period of inactivity. Here’s how to search:

  • State Unclaimed Property Database: Each state maintains a database of unclaimed property, including safety deposit box contents. Search using your name or the name of a deceased relative.
  • Contact the Bank: If you know the bank where the box was held, contact them directly for information on their process for handling unclaimed boxes.

Claiming the Contents

Once you find a match, you’ll need to prove ownership:

  • Documentation: Provide identification and any documentation proving your right to the property.
  • State Procedures: Follow your state’s procedures for claiming unclaimed property, which might include completing forms and providing notarized statements.
Don’t let unclaimed money slip through your fingers. Take a moment to search your state’s unclaimed property database and see if you have any hidden treasures waiting to be claimed. Visit Your State’s Unclaimed Property Office to start your search today!