Unclaimed Matured or Terminated Insurance Policies

Unlock Unclaimed Benefits: Matured or Terminated Insurance Policies

Insurance policies can go unclaimed if the beneficiary is unaware of the policy. Here’s how to find and claim unclaimed insurance benefits.


Locating Unclaimed Policies

Unclaimed insurance proceeds are often held by state unclaimed property offices. Here’s where to search:

  • Insurance Companies: Contact the insurer directly with the policyholder’s information.
  • State Unclaimed Property Offices: Use the state’s database to search for unclaimed insurance benefits under the policyholder’s name.

Claiming the Benefits

Claiming unclaimed insurance benefits involves proving your entitlement:

  • Documentation: Provide identification and any policy documents.
  • State Procedures: Follow the state’s guidelines for claiming unclaimed property, which may include submitting forms and providing a death certificate if the policyholder has passed away.
Don’t let unclaimed money slip through your fingers. Take a moment to search your state’s unclaimed property database and see if you have any hidden treasures waiting to be claimed. Visit Your State’s Unclaimed Property Office to start your search today!