Illinois provides a searchable online database. The state holds over $2.9 billion in unclaimed property. The site offers variety of information, including how to recognize and deal with finding companies, specific instructions for how to file claim online, and print claim forms. There is also a link to search for lost IRS refund checks.  The Unclaimed Property Division frequently hosts outreach events designed to educate the public about unclaimed properties.  The site provides a link to e-bay for auctions of unclaimed tangible properties e.g. contents of a safe deposit box. The site offers information for how to protect assets, and search for monies from other sources such as gift certificates, and the IRS. The site offers text in both English and Spanish.

Office of the Illinois State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Division

P.O. Box 19495

Springfield, IL 62794-9495

Phone: Claims: (217) 785-6998

Reporting: (217) 524-0023

Website: Illinois State Page