Kansas offers a searchable unclaimed money database.  If you call 800-432-0386 (toll free) or 785-296-4165 their office will search on your behalf. (We did call and found some super friendly people on the other end of the phone).They conduct online auctions through E-bay. Kansas is veteran friendly. Survivors of retired railroad employees who died between 1964 and 2001 are encouraged to search the Met Life database to determine death benefit eligibility. Their site has a great feature that lists the amount of funds returned to Kansans by county.  As of 9/2015 over $10.8 million has been reunited to rightful property owners so far in 2011. The site instructs holders how to report unclaimed funds and owners how to claim.

Kansas State Treasurer

900 SW Jackson, Suite 201

Topeka, Kansas 66612-1235

Phone: 800-432-0386 or 785-296-4165

Website: www.KansasCash.com