Unclaimed Un-cashed Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders

Don’t Let It Go to Waste: Un-cashed Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders

Un-cashed cashier’s checks and money orders might seem forgotten, but they can be reclaimed. Here’s how to find and claim them.


Locating Un-cashed Checks

Start by checking with the issuing institution:

  • Banks and Issuers: Contact the bank or company that issued the cashier’s check or money order. Provide details like the check number and date of issue.
  • State Unclaimed Property Offices: If the issuer couldn’t locate you, the funds might have been turned over to the state.

Claiming the Funds

Reclaiming these funds requires proving your entitlement:

  • Identification and Documentation: Provide ID and any original purchase receipts or records.
  • State Procedures: Follow your state’s guidelines for claiming unclaimed property, including submitting forms and possibly obtaining a notarized statement.
Don’t let unclaimed money slip through your fingers. Take a moment to search your state’s unclaimed property database and see if you have any hidden treasures waiting to be claimed. Visit Your State’s Unclaimed Property Office to start your search today!