About Our Team

I’m Josh and I’m the Unclaimed Money Guy. Our website is dedicated to providing information and resources for unclaimed money and unclaimed property throughout the US. We are constantly updating our State Pages to reflect the latest information to make it easy for you to claim YOUR MONEY!! Each state page has facts about unclaimed money in that state as well as details on the process for searching and claiming unclaimed property in that state.

First thing to remember is that searching and claiming in every state is completely FREE!! Our goal is to provide every resource needed to allow you to search by yourself. Our website offers information on What Unclaimed Money Is, Search Strategies and how to Get YOUR Money!

We also are happy to answer basic search and claim question should you have any via our Contact Us page or email us at UnclaimedMoneyGuy@UnclaimedMoney.org. We are not licensed private investigators and therefore cannot file claims on behalf of you, so please limit your questions to where to find information, we’d be happy to guide you there!

Unclaimed Money.org is dedicated to getting unclaimed money and property back to the people it belongs to. Searching is free and we try to offer a little bit of the knowledge we learned along the way. It is your money go and get it!

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