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$1.4 Million in Unclaimed Money Checks Mailed in This State

Rhode Island unclaimed money check

Rhode Island has just mailed out its latest batch of unclaimed money checks to its current and former residents that are owed money.  Over 4,000 checks were sent all over the state, totaling more than $1.4 million averaging $350 per claim.  Since it’s initial mailing in 2017, this program titled Your Money by state Treasurer, Seth

Celebrities Have Unclaimed Money Too!

Keanu Reeves unclaimed money

Celebrities are just like the rest of us in many ways. One way is many of them also have unclaimed money and unclaimed property. In a recent article they searched the California unclaimed money database to see which celebrities are owed money. The article discovered Keanu Reeves has three claims, one for $85 from Pacific

Ohio Unclaimed Property Held For Its Rightful Owners

unclaimed money ohio

Ohio unclaimed property totals span over $3 billion in unclaimed money and actual property. In addition to uncashed checks and insurance policies there is actual property left behind waiting to be claimed. Ohio is a rare state in that it holds onto its unclaimed property indefinitely, waiting for the rightful owners to claim it. These

Illinois Unclaimed Money Auction Set For August

Find Unclaimed Money

State Treasurer Michael Frerichs announced that the state will hold an Illinois unclaimed money auction on August 17th at the state fairgrounds. According to his press release: “We are excited to bring the unclaimed property auction back to the Illinois State Fair to give the public another opportunity to bid on rare, valuable items,” Frerichs

TSA Collected Nearly $1 Million In Unclaimed Money Last Year

TSA unclaimed property

Think about that loose change you place in the bins at airport security, now multiply that by the millions of travelers across the country each day. Unclaimed money totals from the TSA last year are nearly $1 million when you add it all up, $960,105.49 to be exact. Many people are in a rush, or

Find Unclaimed Money With These 4 Easy Steps

Find Unclaimed Property

A recent article in Fox News outlined 4 places or methods where you can find unclaimed money. While there are many places to look, these four are a good start when searching. Look for Unclaimed Money at the State Level The best place to start is for sure the state you live in currently. Each

Comptroller Peter Franchot Promotes Maryland Unclaimed Property

Comptroller Peter Franchot has recently reunited with his ‘twin’ brother to help promote his efforts to return Maryland unclaimed property to its rightful owners. In May he created a video using the popular HGTV show as a guide, it playfully describes a story of one of the ‘twin’ brothers finding an old bank statement while

$30K Returned to Local Charities from Utah Unclaimed Property Division

Utah unclaimed property

Utah unclaimed property division recently returned over $30,000 in unclaimed money to 5 local charities. Many people think that unclaimed money is limited to individuals, but businesses can be owed money as well. Five representatives from the Utah Treasurers Office recently brought some oversized checks to these charities to return their missing money. The largest

What Do States Do With Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money stacked

One of the more common questions surrounding unclaimed money and unclaimed property is what the states do with the money while it sits? Laws vary from state to state as to the regulations on what they can do with the money as it sits waiting to be claimed. For most, the money is put into