The Connecticut Treasury returned $26.2 million un unclaimed money and unclaimed property to rightful owners during fiscal year 2006, the most money returned in a single year in the seventy-year history of the program. On average, $2 million per month is being provided by the State Treasury to rightful owners and heirs – triple the rate just eight years ago. In fact, more than $110 million has been returned to more than 100,000 individual and business claimants in that time. The Treasury Department encourages calls to their 800 number although they indicate there may be somewhat of a wait due to a high call volume.

Office of State Treasurer Denise l. Nappier

55 Elm Street

Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: 1-800-833-7318

Contact Person and email:
Maria Greenslade Assistant Deputy Treasurer (860) 702-3125