Iowa Unclaimed Money

Iowa unclaimed money
Iowa currently holds over $374 million in unclaimed money and property

Iowa is one of the best states in terms of unclaimed money totals information. Current the unclaimed money department is holding over $374 million in cash and property. The state has run their unclaimed money program since 1983 and has returned over $260 million to over 562,000 claims, thats an average of nearly $500 per claim! Iowa calls its unclaimed money program the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

Their website offers a searchable database that is easy to use. Like most states this database provides the name the claim is under, if there is a co-owner and the address. The results also show who reported the money and whether the amount is over or under $100. Iowa also shares its database with If you are using the state page and not having luck, try that site. The state page only shows exact results, but MissingMoney will allow you to see more related results. This can help when using search strategies like common misspellings.

Iowa Unclaimed Money Info

Iowa’s unclaimed money website offers several good pieces of information. One page is a graphic outlining the unclaimed money totals as well as the amount returned. It also includes the different ways the treasurer’s office outreaches to get unclaimed money back to its rightful owners including state fairs and newspaper ads. Another interesting fact is Iowa’s largest unclaimed money payment was $2.3 million to an estate in 2015!

Another unique feature of the Iowa unclaimed property website is the interactive map of the state separated by county. If you click on the county it shows the amount of money available for claim as well as the amount of unclaimed cash that has been returned.

Like some states Iowa also holds auctions throughout the year. These are set up to sell the actual property the state has accrued over time. Items such as jewelry, currency, sports memorabilia and more can be purchased through this online auction. The proceeds from each item are held in the same name as the property and can be claimed by the rightful owner after the item has been sold.

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