Kentucky Unclaimed Property

Kentucky unclaimed money
Kentucky is holding hundreds of millions in unclaimed money and property.

Kentucky is holding hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed money and property. Its tough to find recent totals, but as of four years ago the total was near $250 million. Based on the trends of unclaimed money totals throughout the country that number is certainly higher. State treasurer Allison Ball has done a good job since taking office nearly four years ago. Her office has returned more than $83 million in that time period.

According to a report, her office once returned $1.2 million to a single individual in Whitley County, Kentucky. In addition to property, Ball has a large vault in her office that contains the tangible property the state has acquired over time. These items are usually coins, military medals as well as jewelry. Real estate and cars are not considered unclaimed property, but smaller items, usually in security deposit boxes, are reported to the Kentucky treasurer’s office.

Kentucky Unclaimed Money Searching

Kentucky doesn’t have a database that you can search on their website. They rely solely on for searching. Simply search by name and choose Kentucky as the state and you will see if you have any unclaimed money or property claims. The Kentucky website does offer a step by step process on how to search and claim using the missing money website. When searching, be sure to use our search strategies to get the best results.

Another unique item about claiming unclaimed money in Kentucky is they do not have a system for claiming online. Once you get to a claim on MissingMoney, you can print a PDF version of the claim for to mail into the treasurer’s office. You can also request a claim form from the state, but that can take 7-21 business days to receive. Then you still have to fill out and mail back the form. Our suggestion is to print the form from MissingMoney, it can save you up to three weeks in getting your money.

Kentucky is holding over $244 million in unclaimed assets. They run a very aggressive campaign to return unclaimed funds to their rightful owners. They print periodic ads in newspapers, and conduct community outreach programs. At the Cliften Center Councilmember Tina Ward-Pugh and her volunteers made hundreds of phone calls, which resulted in $147,000 given back to property owners. $11.3 million was returned to 106,000 accounts in 2009. They offer website with a searchable database.

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