Montana Unclaimed Money

Montana unclaimed money
Montana distributed $4.5 million in unclaimed money and property in 2017

Montana unclaimed property totals are hard to find, but we estimate it near $100 million. Each year the state takes in an average of around $8 million in unclaimed money and property. In 2017 the state distributed nearly $4.5 million to its rightful owners.

Their are two ways to claim properties from Montana. One is to go to and search your name. If you find a claim for you or a loved one there it will redirect you to the state page. Then you will have to start the search process all over again. Our suggestion is just start on the Montana state page, it will save you some time and potential aggravation.

Montana unclaimed property claim page

Once you find a claim on the state page, you can add the claim to your cart and then start the claim process. Once you get to the cart page you must click on the blue links (See image) which will pop up a window to provide the required information. You may need different forms of ID or supporting documentation based on the claim.

Montana Unclaimed Property Outreach

The treasury department publishes the names of owners of unclaimed money account holders in newspapers around the state as their man source of outreach. They provide inserts to local papers, but there is something important to know about this method. These inserts are limited to the local paper they are being published in. Meaning that if you lived in one area, where you might have an unclaimed money claim, but moved to another area, your name will only be published where the claim was originated.

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