New Hampshire Unclaimed Money

New Hampshire unclaimed money
New Hampshire is holding millions in abandoned or unclaimed property

New Hampshire unclaimed money totals are not published anywhere we could find. However the state launched a new website September 2019 and lists the total that has been returned. They don’t offer a time frame from when this amount returned started, but it’s currently at just under $138 million. Based on the size of the state, we think thats the total they have returned since their unclaimed property program began. Something unique to NH is that they don’t call it unclaimed money, they call it abandoned property.

New Hampshire’s website doesn’t offer its own searchable database like most states. Instead they direct you to which has the state’s database as well as most other states in case you wanted to search across multiple states. You can fill out a claim online and the site states that a representative from the abandoned property division will contact you regarding your claim. Be prepared as you will need to provide proof that you are able to claim this property. This can be proof of identity (government issued ID), proof of address (utility bill, old tax bill), or proof that you are the heir in the case the person who is listed on the account is deceased.

Each result shows the name the claim is under, as well as the most recent known address. They also provide who reported the abandoned property and whether the amount is over or under $100. If you locate multiple claims that belong to you, you will need to fill out the information for each one. The state does not allow multiple claims at once.

New Hampshire Abandoned Property Outreach

New Hampshire makes a decent effort in outreach to try and reunite abandoned or unclaimed money and property. They annually post the names of anyone owed $50 or more in the newspaper. They also mail out postcards to the last known address of those accounts. The unclaimed money department also does periodic outreach events across the state to help reunite lost money to its rightful owners.

If someone approaches you about claiming property for you, also known as an unclaimed money finder, this is absolutely legal in this state. There are some important guidelines with regards to this to remember however. First, these individuals cannot search for property that has been held by the state for less than 24 months. Also, an agreement must be signed in order for claiming to be legal in New Hampshire. The most important thing to remember is that searching and claiming are FREE, so you don’t have to pay anyone.

Phone:  (603) 271-2619
In New Hampshire: (800) 791-0920