North Carolina Unclaimed Money

North Carolina unclaimed money
North Carolina is currently holding more than $711 million in unclaimed money and property

North Carolina has one of the best unclaimed money websites we have seen. They offer loads of information from claiming to reporting to unclaimed property auctions. According to a report, NC unclaimed money totals exceed $700 million in cash and property. In the same report, research showed more than 14,000 claims are for $1000 or more with 100 of them owed more than $100,000. The average claim is a bit lower at $325 per. Businesses can be owed money as well. Churches in North Carolina are owed nearly $1 million while NC schools are owed about $750,000. In 2018, North Carolina has returned just shy of $64 million to its rightful owners.

Search For Unclaimed Property in North Carolina

North Carolina offers a searchable database right on their website. Simply put in your name to get the results. Don’t forget to use our search strategies to ensure the best results. The records that match are shown below including the owner and co-owner name as well as owner relation. Also listed is the address associated with the claim, who reported it and the property ID. Accounts holding below $50 are listed with their exact totals, while any larger accounts are simply listed as $50 or more.

You can fill out all of the pertinent information online by clicking claim. It will ask for basic information, however you will need to show proof of identity in order to complete the claim. Those documents can be uploaded directly to the website using the property ID. That same ID can be used to check the status of your claim. Their website does say it can take up to 90 days to process individual claims.

Tangible property is also a type of unclaimed money that North Carolina can hold. These are often contents of safe deposit boxes that go abandoned. Real estate is not considered unclaimed property however. After a period of at least a year, NC will auction this property off. They use an auction service that also includes forfeited property, so not all items listed are actually unclaimed property. Once sold, proceeds from this missing property are held in accounts for the original owner to claim.

Like all states, searching for money in North Carolina is free, however, there are individuals who may contact you offering assistance in claiming for a fee. This is 100% legal, but it’s important to know the specific laws to North Carolina to be sure the finder is legit. In this state, finders must register ($100 annually) with the state. You can contact the state to ensure the individual contacting you is registered. Then an agreement must be signed with the owner’s signature notarized. Finders are also limited to the amounts they can charge, $1000 or 20% of the claim, whichever is less.

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