Oregon Unclaimed Money

Oregon unclaimed money
Oregon is currently holding over $720 million in unclaimed money and property.

As of July 2020, Oregon is holding over $720 million in unclaimed money and property. On the website there is a live counter detailing the amount of money given back to its residents. We assume it is from when they started their unclaimed property outreach and that total is just under $406 million. Most claims are less than $250 but there are some larger claims out there. Including a new woman in Washington County who had $500,000 waiting for her, according to a report.

How To Search For Unclaimed Property in Oregon

Oregon’s unclaimed money website offers a searchable database that is easy to use and navigate. Simply put in your name and see if there is any money owed to you. Using our search strategies will help yield the best results. Once you search, the matches are shown and include owner and co owner names (if applicable) and address the account was listed under. They also show whether the amount was less than $50, $50-$100, or over $100. Also included is a property ID and the type of property it is, such as checking accounts, stock, dividends, etc.

Once a claim is located, click on claim properties and you will be asked to fill out some basic information proving you are eligible to claim. Then you electronically sign the form, and submit, which will generate a claim ID used to monitor the progress of your claim. In most cases you will also need to submit additional documentations for verification purposes, which can be done online using the claim ID. Also available on the website is the ability to check the status of a claim. Most claims average 3-4 months to process from start to finish, but it is state law to have claims completed in 120 days or less, assuming there are no complications.

Oregon also holds tangible property that has become unclaimed. One of the unique items it holds is military medals. There is a specific section on the website to help former military members locate their members. These medals include two purple hearts, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, and a National Defense Ribbon.

The unclaimed money department in Oregon does some outreach in order to locate account holders of missing money. If claims are over $250 a letter is mailed to try and locate the rightful owner. However, if claims are less than $250 no specific outreach is done. Finders are individuals that will contact unclaimed money account holders and are legal in Oregon. In the state, finders must be licensed private investigators, and an agreement must be signed.

Phone: (503) 986-5200

Email: claims@state.or.us

Website: https://oregon.findyourunclaimedproperty.com/