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Pennsylvania unclaimed money totals are over $3.4 billion in  money and unclaimed property.  The state’s outreach has gotten better year to year with a record $254 million returned in 2018.  Unlike many states, they have their own database and do not use  Their search is very quick, be sure to use our search strategies when searching.  You can refine the search using first initials and city names as well.  If the name and zip code match, click ‘request claim form’ where the full address will be listed so you can confirm the claim is yours.  

Unclaimed Property PA

Like most states, PA also collects property that has become unclaimed. This can be collectible coins, jewelry, gold and more. (Full List Here). Unique to Pennsylvania, they have an actual vault to hold all this property. There is a limit to the amount of time they will hold these items, three years, after which it may be sold and the money held in lieu of the property for the rightful owner.

Also specific to unclaimed property in PA is their Military Medal Search. This is a place where either owners of missing medals, or their family members can search for those medals that have gone missing.

“Every military decoration Treasury holds reflects a sacrifice, and I want to make sure we get these medals back in the hands of the Pennsylvanians who earned them or the family members who would treasure them. That’s why I’ve established this initiative, to make sure that as many of these symbols of service as possible are reunited with veterans and their families.”

~ Joe Torsella, State Treasurer

Unclaimed Money Finders in PA

Searching and claiming is free in Pennsylvania, like the rest of the US, but there are those who offer their services to help with the claim process for a fee. This can be a flat rate or percentage based. Some states regulate these and PA is one of them. They require anyone assisting with a claim register with the state to protect from fraud and predatory practices. They also cap the percentage at 15 percent of the total claim as compensation for the assistance. Here is more info on Finders

Unclaimed Money PA Contact

Unclaimed Money PA Division

4th Floor, Riverfront Office Center 
1101 South Front Street 
Harrisburg, PA 17104-2516

Phone: 1-800-222-2046


Website:  Pennsylvania State Page

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