Rhode Island Unclaimed Money

Rhode Island unclaimed money
Rhode Island currently holds over $300 million in unclaimed money and property

Rhode Island unclaimed money totals are more than $300 million is lost cash and property. According to a report, last year the state returned over $13 million to 36,500 claims, averaging more than $350 per claim. The state’s office says that twenty percent of all RI residents have unclaimed money and property. The state website has a live counter with their unclaimed money totals since they started their outreach, which totals nearly $240 million as of September 2019.

Rhode Island has a unique program some states are starting to adopt. This program, which RI calls Your Money is aimed at returning millions to residents without all the paperwork. In Sept 2019 4000 check were mailed out totaling $1.4 million to Rhode Islanders who are owed missing money. Since the program’s start in 2017, over 52,000 checks have been mailed totaling nearly $17 million in lost cash.

How To Claim Unclaimed Property in Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s unclaimed money website offers a searchable database that is easy to navigate. Just put in your name and see if there is any money owed to you. Using our search strategies will help you get the best results. Once you search, the matches are shown and include owner and co owner names (if applicable), the address the account was listed under, and property ID. They also show whether the amount was $0-$50, $50-$100, or over $100.

Once you locate your claim, click Claim and you will be asked to fill out some basic information proving you are eligible to file a claim. Then you electronically sign the form, and submit, which will generate a claim ID used to monitor the progress of your claim. In most cases you will also need to submit additional documentations for verification purposes, which can be done online using the claim ID. Also available on the website is the ability to check the status of a claim.

Phone: (401) 462‑7676

Email: ups@treasury.ri.gov

Website: https://findrimoney.com/