South Carolina Unclaimed Money

South Carolina is holding more than half a billion in unclaimed cash and property. The over $700 million includes lost bank accounts, stocks, bonds, safe deposit boxes and more. According to a report, more than $30 million was returned last year. In state treasurer Curtis Loftis’ tenure so far he has returned more than $158 million in unclaimed money to its rightful owners. This state provides a unique interactive map we were able to embed below. It shows the amounts, number of accounts and average claim broken down by county. Greenville, Richland, and Charleston counties round out the top three in terms of amounts. These counties alone represent nearly a quarter of all moneys unclaimed in South Carolina.

How To Claim Unclaimed Property in South Carolina

South Carolina unclaimed money
South Carolina currently holds over $650 million in unclaimed money and property

South Carolina offers a searchable database right on their website. Simply put in your name to see if there are any matches from the state’s list. Using our search strategies will greatly increase your chances of locating missing money owed to you. Search results include the name of the owner and co owner (if there are multiple names on the account). Also listed is the last known address and property id number. The results show who reported the unclaimed property and the type of property it is. Exact amounts are not listed, but it does indicate whether its under or over $100.

Once you locate an account with your name on it, click claim and it will be added into the cart. You can add multiple claims if you find more than one match. South Carolina allows for online submissions to claim properties. Once you fill out the necessary information a claim number is generated. You will need to upload proof that you are able to claim this missing money, usually a government issued ID. for larger claims or to claim for a deceased loved one, additional documentation may be required. This claim ID number can also be used to track the status of a claim.

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