Tennessee Unclaimed Money

Tennessee unclaimed money totals are just shy of $1 billion in missing cash and property. In 2018 the state treasury department returned a record breaking number of claims, more than 48,000. No amount is listed for that timeframe, but according to a report, in fiscal year ’17 they returned more than $48 million. That means in 2018 it likely was significantly more than that.

Claiming Missing Money in Tennessee

Tennessee unclaimed money
Tennessee is currently holding just under $1 billion in unclaimed money and property.

The state website offers its own searchable database unique to all other states. Start by entering your name (don’t forget to fill out the captcha challenge below) and the results populate right on their site. Once you locate your claim, click on the highlighted name, to see greater detail on the unclaimed money. The results show the owner name and address including which Tennessee county the claim was in. They also show the property ID, type of unclaimed money, and amount. The amounts are exact leading up to $250. After that it only shows more than $250.

Claiming the property in Tennessee online is available on the state website. Once you locate the claim, you can claim as a person or business, and then you will be prompted to answer some questions in order to complete the claim. You also will need to verify your identity, usually with a scanned copy of your drivers license, utility bill, social security card or another form of ID. The website has a lot of great information on the process, and will let you know which forms are acceptable based on your claim. You can also check the status of the claim online once submitted. You will need your claim ID as well as the zip code used to file the claim.

Tennessee, like most states, does allow third party locators or unclaimed money finders to assist in claiming unclaimed property. If you are contacted for unclaimed money in the state of Tennessee be sure to ensure the person contacting you follows these guidelines set up by the state. First, all third party locators must be licensed private investigators in Tennessee. Second, an agreement must be executed and provided to the treasurers’ office in order to file a claim. Third the maximum that a locator can charge is $50 or 10 percent of a claim, whichever is greater.

Phone: (866) 370.9429

Email: ucp.information@tn.gov

Website: https://treasury.tn.gov/Unclaimed-Property/Claim-Unclaimed-Property/Find-Your-Missing-Money