Utah Unclaimed Money

Utah unclaimed money
Utah is currently holding over $370 million in unclaimed money and property.

Utah unclaimed money totals at last check (Nov ’18) were nearly $400 million in cash and property. Their website has a live counter with the total amount of money returned since they begun their outreach and that total sits at more than $290 million. While each year the state increases both the amount returned as well as the number of claims satisfied, they still took in nearly $60 million in missing money in 2018. In that same time period, according to a report, Utah returned just shy of $30 million in unclaimed money. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Utah residents have cash or property owed to them.

Claiming Unclaimed Property In Utah

Utah uses a similar system implemented by many states in the US. It provides a searchable database right on their website. Simply put in your name and the matches will appear. Be sure to use our search strategies to ensure you are getting the best results! The matches are displayed and show the name of the owner as well as the company that reported the unclaimed property. They also show the county and zip code as well as property ID. As for the amount of the claim, exact amounts are listed for any claims less than $250, with greater amounts simply listed as over $250. The only exception is if the claim is stocks, which are listed as Shares Available.

Once you locate your property, click claim and that will place your property in the ‘cart’. Utah is one of the growing number of states that allow a completely online claiming process. You have to verify a little bit of information and then you can submit the claim electronically. This will produce a claim number which you can use to check the status of your claim. You also will need to prove your identity and that you are able to claim this property. Using the claim number you can upload scanned copies of your ID right on the website. There are some exceptions to this, mostly around claims with a large amount associated with them. Typically these will require a notarized signature, but the state will let you know if this is required.

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Toll Free: (888) 217-1203

Email: General – ucprop@utah.gov
Claims – claim@utah.gov

Website: https://mycash.utah.gov/