West Virginia Unclaimed Money

West Virginia unclaimed money
West Virginia returned nearly $18 million in unclaimed money and property in fiscal year 2018.

West Virginia unclaimed money totals are just over $300 million with an average of $150 per claim. Like most states, West Virginia returned a record number of claims and cash in the last fiscal year. In FY 2018 they returned nearly $18 million in missing money and property. However they received nearly double that in reported lost cash. Based on this we estimate the state totals to be between $300-$350 million in unclaimed money. The state website does show the total returned as $191 million, which we believe is since the program either started or began keeping track of money returned.

How to Claim Unclaimed Property in West Virginia

West Virginia offers a searchable database on their website for looking to see if you have any unclaimed money. The results are limited in the information they provide with only first and last name, city and state for the matching property listed. The website does offer online claiming however. Once you locate your claim, just create an account as prompted and provide basic information and you can file online. The only exception is if you are claiming for a deceased relative or a business. In these cases, a paper claim form must be filled out and mailed to the office. This form must also have a notarized signature. Below is also a toll free number where representatives from the treasurer’s office will assist in searching.

Tangible items that the state has collected also may be sold at auction periodically. When the state clears its vault out to make room for new items they go up for auction here. These items are mostly jewelry and coins/currency, including some rare items. At the time of this writing, a 1980 gold South African Kruggerand was up for auction. The proceeds from these auctions remain in accounts with the original owners names waiting to be claimed.

Phone: 1-800-642-8687

Email: Eclaims_Support@wvsto.com