Wisconsin Unclaimed Money

Wisconsin unclaimed money
Wisconsin Has millions in unclaimed money and property.

Wisconsin has a lot of good information on their website, however we could not find anywhere the unclaimed money totals, both collected and distributed. We reached out to the state office and hope to update once they respond. With that said, in 2015, the treasury department started a new program that matched unclaimed money to its rightful owners. That information in hand, the office routinely cuts checks to the rightful owners. Since the start of this program, Wisconsin residents have received over $24 million in checks. The most recent batch sent out over 20,000 checks totaling $2.2 million. In addition, the state also reaches out to any account over $2000, and with this mailing sent out 301 notices to rightful owners of these properties.

How to Claim Unclaimed Property in Wisconsin

Unclaimed property in Wisconsin is fairly simple to claim. The state’s unclaimed money website offers an easy to use searchable database. Simply type in the name of the person you are searching for and the results populate right on the page. Be sure to use our search strategies to ensure the best results. Once you search there is a fair amount of detail provided including first and last name, street address and city. It also indicates who originally reported the missing money and the amount. Amounts are broken down by less than $10, $10-$100, $100-$1000, and more than $1000. Once you have located the property click claim and the screen will prompt you through the claim process. Once completed you will be given a confirmation and claim number. These will be used to check the status of the claim and to upload additional documents.

Phone:(608) 264-4594

Email: DORUnclaimedProperty@wisconsin.gov

Website: https://tap.revenue.wi.gov/UCPSearch/_/#3