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1 in 10 Massachusetts Residents Have Unclaimed Money | Iowa Has 6 Months To Return $8 Million

1 in 10 residents of Massachusetts may have unclaimed money or unclaimed property to claim.  The state coffers currently holds over $3.4 billion in money and property and recently added over 44,000 new claims according to a report:

Treasurer Deb Goldberg said Wednesday there are more than 44,000 new properties worth millions of dollars owed to people and businesses in the state.

“We currently hold over $3.4 billion in unclaimed property at Treasury and it could be yours,” said Treasurer Deb Goldberg. “One in ten Massachusetts residents are owed money.”

Goldberg says examples of unclaimed property include forgotten bank accounts, stocks, safe deposit boxes, insurance policies and stocks. She says the Treasury gave more than $104 million back to residents last year.

The state website is easy to navigate and they even have auctions for some unclaimed property.  You can sign up for updates as to when the next auction is scheduled.

Iowa Treasurer has 6 Months to Return Over $8 Million in Unclaimed Money

Iowa treasurer Michael Fitzgerald has until April to return over $8 million in unclaimed money.  One of the more rare types of unclaimed money is unclaimed settlements.  In Polk County, Iowa over 60,000 residents are able to claim a franchise fee settlement from the state totaling $11 million.  So far only 10,000 residents have claimed leaving over $8 million remaining.  According to a report:

State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald said only 10,000 of the 60,000 Des Moines residents owed money in the city’s franchise fee settlement have collected their refunds.

Fitzgerald said $8 million has yet to be claimed. Unclaimed money is listed on the state treasurer’s Great Iowa Treasure Hunt website.

“Most people are very surprised to find out they have money, and sometimes it’s a substantial amount,” Fitzgerald said.

“Because we have so much money for so many people, we want to get it back to them, he said. “All they have to do is check. It’s a real simple process to claim your money.”



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