$25 Million Paid In California Unclaimed Money Last Month

January is typically a month of credit card bills and tax preparation, but for more than 28,000 residents of California, Christmas came a little late this year. According to an article, more than $25 million in unclaimed money was returned to Californians in January. Although this may seem like a substantial amount, its just a small fraction of the unclaimed property the state has waiting to be claimed.

California is one of the largest states, both in size and population, and therefore also boasts one of the highest unclaimed money totals of any state. They currently have over $9.8 billion in unclaimed property in over 48 million accounts. That averages out to just over $200 per account.

Here are the totals broken down by region:

Here is a glimpse of property claims paid in January:

882 properties valued at $793,467 in San Diego
902 properties valued at $591,072 in San Jose
554 properties valued at $318,775 in Long Beach
326 properties valued at $273,076 in Fresno
242 properties valued at $197,398 in Riverside
135 properties valued at $159,158 in Salinas
146 properties valued at $91,818 in Anaheim
100 properties valued at $86,186 in San Bernardino
73 properties valued at $82,627 in Santa Cruz
484 properties valued at $65,336 in Bakersfield
202 properties valued at $46,739 in Modesto
210 properties valued at $44,811 in Fremont


California Unclaimed Money | Celebrities Have It Too!

When you think of California you almost always think of Hollywood and the stars are not immune from unclaimed money accounts, in fact they sometimes are more likely as they have more complicated finances. Here are a few:

  • Kim Kardashian has $236
  • Kanye West has over $1500
  • Selena Gomez has $258
  • Ben Affleck has a little more than $100
  • President Trump has more than $3000
  • President Obama has $450

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