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25 Percent of Illinois Residents Have Unclaimed Money | Arizona Returns $42.5 Million

Illinois unclaimed money
Illinois currently holds over $2.9 Billion in unclaimed money and property

Roughly 1 in 4 Illinois residents, current and former, have unclaimed money owed to them, according to a recent report.  Illinois is one of roughly 10 states that has over $1 billion in unclaimed property currently being held.  Their total, at last check, was over $2.9 billion!  Since 2015 the state has returned $703 million to its rightful owners, with more than $200 million of that claimed in the last fiscal year.  According to our Illinois page, the average claim amount in the state is over $1,000.

Like most states, Illinois also shares their database with MissingMoney.com. If you are not having luck finding property, we suggest you use this site along with our search strategies in order to increase your odds of finding a claim. The state site is great for exact matches, but won’t work if you are using misspelled names as a strategy, or just the first few letters of the first or last name.

Filling out a claim for can be done 100% online. Once you find the unclaimed money, simply click claim and fill out the appropriate information in order to make the claim. You might need some additional documentation, usually for a deceased relative or if the claim amount is large, usually over $1,000. These documents can be uploaded directly to the website also.

Arizona Returns Over $42 Million In Unclaimed Money

According to a recent report, the state of Arizona has returned over $42 million in unclaimed property and money to its rightful owners in the last fiscal year.  The largest amount returned in that time was over $360,000 with the average claim being over $700!

If you’ve ever lived in Arizona, there is a one in seven chance that some portion of Arizona unclaimed money belongs to you! The Arizona Department of Revenue is currently holding over one BILLION dollars in unclaimed property belonging to over one million people, which means Arizona could be holding missing money that rightfully belongs to you or a family member (if they have ever lived in Arizona).

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