$6 Million In Unclaimed Money Returned To Former Wyoming Resident

Wyoming unclaimed money
Wyoming is currently holding over $85 million in unclaimed money and property.

A former Wyoming resident recently had $6.72 million worth of shares returned to him.  This was by far the largest claim ever paid out in Wyomings history of unclaimed property claims.  The name of the company was not published in the article, but it was 16,000 shares of a software company valued at $420 per share.  This amount was not held for long, as it was reported unclaimed in 2018.  The amount was returned as shares, but if it had remained unclaimed into June of 2022, the shares would have been sold and the cash held until it was claimed.

The next largest sum reported was $1.3 million.  In the entire last fiscal year, the state of Wyoming returned $7.4 million in unclaimed money to its current and former residents.   Currently, the state is holding over $85 million in cash and unclaimed property.  Wyoming’s website and searching process is easy and streamlines the process for claiming missing money. Simply put in your name and click search. Using our search strategies will help in ensuring all results you are looking for show up and you get your money back! Search results show the owner and co-owner names as well as who reported the property, or the holder. Also included is the city and property ID. The results include a range of amounts the claim is under. The ranges include the actual amount up to $50, $50-$100 and over $100.

Click on Claim and the property is added to the cart. Then click view properties in cart to view your claim info and begin the claim process. The online system makes it easy to simply add the required information and submit the claim. It can take several weeks for a claim to process and should the state need additional documentation there is a place to upload them right on the website. Also on the Wyoming unclaimed money website is a place to check the status of the claim. All you need for both of these is the property ID.

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