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Alabama Unclaimed Property Up For Auction

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Alabama Unclaimed Property Auctions Contain Valuables

Alabama unclaimed money totals are over $400 million in money and property left abandoned. Most of this is cash, lost checks, bonds, security deposits, and more. However, like most states, lost property is also stored by Alabama’s treasury department.

Most of these items are contents of abandoned security deposit boxes and Alabama law states that they will hold these items for one year after the initial publishing of the contents. Then the items are put up for public auction by a third party.

Alabama Unclaimed Property Auction Items

These items vary based on the contents received including, coin currency with a date of 1971 or earlier, paper currency with a date of 1963 or earlier, as well as jewelry. Some of the items up for auction today include and 18k gold large ID bracelet, 10k gold , 14k gold and platinum rings. Also listed is a 1928 ‘Peace’ dollar coin, Rosevelt dimes, and Franklin half dollars. Paper money is also included, with a 1928 hundred dollar bill, 1928 red seal $2 bill and foreign currency as well.

This auction site, LSO Auctions, is a third party auction site. Tennessee and Alabama both use this site for their auctions. Both have items added constantly and can provide great value if you are interested in bidding.

If you currently do or have ever lived in Alabama please be sure to check and see if you have either unclaimed money or unclaimed property. These claims could be cash, stocks, bonds, insurance payouts, or items from safe deposit boxes. Be sure to use our Search Strategies when searching as a misspelled name is a leading cause of the funds becoming unclaimed. The state’s website says it can take six to eight weeks for claims to process. There also is a place to check on the status of your claim right on the site.

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