California’s Unclaimed Money Totals Grow To More Than $10 Billion

California unclaimed money totals are approximately $10.2 billionDespite record numbers in unclaimed cash returned, California’s unclaimed money totals have swelled to over $10.2 billion according to a report.  Last year’s total was almost a billion less in missing money that was reported this year at $9.3 billion.  The state is however ramping up its efforts to return that money, with over $250 million returned last year alone.  That is an average of over $700,000 per day!

These accounts can be a variety of items including uncashed checks, rebates mailed to an old address, or benefits paid to a lost loved one.  The state of California’s unclaimed money database is easy to navigate right on their website.  For smaller amounts, you can simply file the claim online and generally have a response within a few weeks.  For larger claims, there may be additional documentation that needs to be provided.  For instance, if you are claiming for a lost loved one you will need to provide documentation showing you are the next of kin.

Unclaimed Money Can Be Actual Items As Well

With California being one of the largest states in terms of unclaimed money totals, their actual property held is also amongst the largest.  Many times the property unclaimed is an actual tangible item.  These typically are contents of safe deposit boxes and range from old currency, jewelry, and sports memorabilia.  California has periodic auctions to distribute tangible property such as items found in a safe deposit box. California’s State Controllers office provides unique service that sends out notices warning individuals when funds are about to become unclaimed, and when properties have been sent to the state.

Celebrities are not immune from unclaimed money as well.  Here is a link to an article with some notable celebrities who have money owed to them.  Search today to see if any of this money belong to you!

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