Nebraska unclaimed money

Nebraska Holds Over $170 Million

In the state of Nebraska, their unclaimed money and unclaimed property department hold over $170 million for roughly 350,000 current and former Nebraskans.  Some examples include health claim payments, dividends, utility deposits, life insurance proceeds, wages, stocks, outstanding checks, safety deposit boxes and unused gift certificates.  These items can also be from a relative who has passed away and in many cases the property or money was not willed properly as one Texas woman recently discovered.

Nebraska Unclaimed Property

According to a report, Ann Grosshans of Plano, Texas, recently collected $49,268.34 from the Nebraska Treasurer’s Office as part of its unclaimed property initiative.  This was a petroleum stock purchased by her great grandfather GW Hopkins, a farmer from Auburn, Nebraska, for his daughters.  Grosshans is now the sole heir to the unclaimed money, although claiming such a large amount was time consuming.  Since this claim spanned several generations, she has to provide the proper paperwork proving that she was related to Hopkins and that she was the sole heir.


According to Nebraska Treasurer Don Stenberg, some smaller claims can be handled over the phone but larger claims must come with supporting paperwork.  His office does some outreach and has returned over $1.7 million so far in 2018 to over 1400 individuals.  His office also now has made it easier for companies holding unclaimed money or unclaimed property to report it:

A new holder reporting method is now available on the Nebraska State Treasurer’s website. Our goal is to simplify the reporting process. Holders are now able to create profiles, load records, and submit reports without leaving our website. Holders have the option to manually enter property and owner information or to use an Excel template to upload records. Once records are loaded, the holder can easily edit or delete properties until ready to submit the report. After a report is submitted, it is archived on the holder’s profile for future reference. Holders no longer need to use a third party program to create their report files and submit them to the Nebraska Unclaimed Property Division.

Unclaimed money is the popular term for unclaimed property.  Unclaimed property is defined, as “monetary or physical assets which have become separate from their rightful owners over time.” Another term often used is unclaimed funds as well as unclaimed money.  Click Here to Search Your State 


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