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North Carolina Woman Gets $14,000 in Unclaimed Money Thanks To Local News

North Carolina Unclaimed PropertyNorth Carolina has over $650 million in unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  One local news reporter with WSOC Channel 9, Jason Stoogenke, took it upon himself to provide a local resident some good news.  After speaking with North Carolina Treasurer Dale Folwell, Stoogenke found a local woman with over $14,000 in unclaimed money due to her.  He tracked down her last know address to find she no longer lived there, but tracked down her son and found that Bertha now has Alzheimers and Dementia and this unclaimed money actually is coming from two different insurance companies owing her the over $14 thousand.

As part of the investigation Stoogenke interviews both Treasurers from North Carolina and South Carolina and the total amount both states have in unclaimed money and unclaimed property exceeds $1.2 Billion.

There’s no timeframe people must claim by, and if the person is dead, his or her heirs get the cash. That happens a fair amount and it can be a life-changing shock.

Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke asked N.C. Treasurer Dale Folwell how there could be so many people with so much money and not know about it.

“It’s actually fairly easy, especially if it relates to a grandparent or somebody who put money aside for you in a bank account that you never knew of and it had $30 in it or $50 and, you know, checks got lost in the mail,” Folwell said.

“Nobody believes us. Nobody thinks we have any money of theirs. I’ve been hung up on, sometimes three or four times, where I’m calling someone to try to reunite them with $700,000, $800,000,” S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis said, who happens to be the current president of the National Unclaimed Money Association.

Stoogenke asked both state treasurers’ offices for lists of everyone in the Charlotte viewing area who has unclaimed money. Mecklenburg County alone has 841 pages of names and dollar figures.

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