Connecticut Unclaimed Money

Connecticut unclaimed money totals are over the $1 billion mark currently sitting at $1.44 billion (as of Jan 2022).  The number of unclaimed accounts sits at 2 million.  Thats an average of over $700 per claim.  These claims can be lost bank accounts, unclaimed safe deposit boxes, stocks and bonds and more.

Connecticut Unclaimed Money Totals Growing

Connecticut unclaimed moneyLast fiscal year, the state of Connecticut returned over $58 million in unclaimed money and property to over 18,000 individuals.  This is another increase in money returned for the state.  However the amount received continues to rise as well.  During the same period, Connecticut unclaimed money collected totaled $138 million.  This was broken down by $89 million voluntarily reported in accordance with the state’s unclaimed money and unclaimed property laws.  $44 million was collected through the sale of securities, and an additional $6 million resulted from the Treasurer’s office review of company records.

New Unclaimed Property Website

Connecticut recently launched a new unclaimed money and property website.  This site is easy to use and very responsive.  Simply type your last name, or the last name of the individual you are searching for, and the results are listed.  Don’t forget to use our Search Strategies!  This website also has a breakdown of unclaimed money by totals and also by city/town.  For instance there are 624,671 accounts valued between $50 to $100.  On the other end there are only 6 accounts valued over $500,000 totaling $9,941,932.  This means that these six individuals have accounts averaging over $1 million!  Stamford is the number one city in Connecticut with over 70,000 accounts totaling nearly $61 million.

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Phone: 1-800-833-7318

Contact Person and email:
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