TSA unclaimed property

TSA Collected Nearly $1 Million In Unclaimed Money Last Year

Think about that loose change you place in the bins at airport security, now multiply that by the millions of travelers across the country each day. Unclaimed money totals from the TSA last year are nearly $1 million when you add it all up, $960,105.49 to be exact.

Many people are in a rush, or simply don’t care about the change they leave in those trays, but the TSA is going to put that money to good use. According to a report, since 2005 Congress has allowed the agency to spend the money however it wanted. Such initiatives like translating security signs in different languages and expanding the TSA pre-check system. This year however the unclaimed money will be spent providing civil aviation security. There are some plans to donate the money, but as expected that legislation is stalled in Congress.

TSA Unclaimed Money – Cannot Be Claimed

TSA unclaimed money
TSA unclaimed money totals near $1 million

Unfortunately unlike other missing money, TSA unclaimed cash cannot be claimed. Since it’s simply loose change and the stray $10 or $20 bill there is no way to ‘track down’ the rightful owners. TSA officers won’t chase you down at your gate, so be sure to collect your loose change with your wallet.

As you may expect JFK is the leader in unclaimed cash with $72,392. Here is the full list:

  • JFK International – $72,392
  • LAX – $71,748
  • Miami International – $50,504
  • Chicago (O’Hare) – $49,597
  • Newark Liberty International – $41,026
  • Dallas / Ft. Worth – $36,707
  • San Francisco International – $33,264
  • McCarran International – $33,038
  • Orlando International – $32,687
  • Washington Dulles International – $31,090

Since you can’t search for this unclaimed money, be sure to Search Your State for unclaimed money left behind from security deposits, safety deposit boxes, insurance policies and more. Simple search strategies can be used to be sure you don’t miss any claims. Be sure to search the state you live in now and also any states you or any loved ones used to live also!

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