Texas Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money In Texas Totals Over $5 Billion | Over $700 Million In North Carolina Unclaimed Money

The great state of Texas has over $5 billion in unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  Texas boasts one of the highest totals of missing money in the US.  Each year Texas collects nearly $600 million in new accounts.  These accounts can be unpaid wages, dormant bank accounts, security deposits and more.  (Types of Unclaimed Money)  Texas also has such a high total because there is no statue of limitations on claiming.  Some states only hold accounts for limited number of years, but Texas has accounts dating back decades.

You can also call and ask for their department to search (up to 3 searches per call). Their site has an FAQ section, instructions for how to file a claim for unclaimed money, information for holders, links to other related sites and contact info.

Unclaimed Money In North Carolina Totals Over $700 Million

This year, at North Carolina’s state fair, the state treasurer’s office has a booth to help reunite unclaimed money with its rightful owners:

“Every year we find hundreds of thousands of dollars that belongs to fairgoers,” Treasuerer Dale Folwell said. “We actually have more records of money and things than we have citizens of North Carolina.”

According to the North Carolina unclaimed money website, the missing money list is updated weekly on Tuesday mornings around 7:00 a.m.  The date and time of last update, as well as the number of properties posted, is shown on the main search page.

California Adds Over $700 Million To Unclaimed Money Coffers

Recently, California has added over $700 million to its over $8 billion in unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  According to the state, 90 percent of that total is cash and the rest is various items of value such as gold, coins, jewelry, and other items of value.  California has periodic auctions to distribute tangible property such as items found in a safe deposit boxes.

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