Rhode Island unclaimed money check

$1.4 Million in Unclaimed Money Checks Mailed in This State

Rhode Island has just mailed out its latest batch of unclaimed money checks to its current and former residents that are owed money.  Over 4,000 checks were sent all over the state, totaling more than $1.4 million averaging $350 per claim.  Since it’s initial mailing in 2017, this program titled Your Money by state Treasurer, Seth Magaziner, Rhode Island has returned nearly $17 million to over 52.000 people.  This program is a great way to expedite what can be a cumbersome process for individuals just looking to get their own money returned to them.

unclaimed money check
Since 2017, Rhode Island has returned nearly $17 million to over 52.000 people via unclaimed money checks

Unclaimed money checks represent anything from lost bank accounts, to uncollected insurance payments, to unreturned utility deposits and much more.  Typically these funds are in accounts that are dormant for five years before being turned over to the state where they enter the database waiting to be claimed.  If you are not one of the lucky residents to receive a check in the mail you can always visit the Rhode Island state page where you can search for your name (use our search strategies for the best results).

With all of the fake mailings today, be sure to do a thorough look into whether this check is for real or not. If you feel that you might be owed money, be sure to hang onto that check and call the treasurer’s office (401-462‑7676). to see if this is real.  It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Rhode Islanders have money owed to them.  This can be both tangible and intangible property, meaning it can be money that is owed to you or contents of a security deposit box.  Items such as gold coins, jewelry, baseball cards, and much more have been labeled as unclaimed in the past.  Be sure to take some time to see if there is any money owed to you from Rhode Island!

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