Florida Residents Search for Unclaimed Money at Record Pace During Pandemic | Oregon Warns Of Unclaimed Money Texting Scam

unclaimed money FloridaDuring these tough economic times, residents of Florida are turning to unclaimed money to help them survive.  The chief financial office of Florida, Jimmy Patronis, recently said in an interview that his office is seeing record number of searches for unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  In March alone, they returned $38 million in unclaimed assets.  That is the second highest total in the history of their program.  Since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic began they have returned over $124 million in missing money to their rightful owners.

Florida is one of the largest states in terms of the amount of money they have in their ‘vault’. The state is holding nearly $2 Billion in unclaimed money and property.  Despite the record number of searches within the last few months the state continues to add to its totals.  In the last fiscal year, Florida returned over $324 million while taking in over $400 million.  On average, 1 in 5 Floridians have unclaimed funds.

There are some famous individuals that are owed money including Donald Trump.  He has about $350 in unclaimed checks that were turned away from Mar A Lago.  Yankees legend Derek Jeter has money owed to him from a life insurance policy.  Check out our Florida unclaimed money page for more information!

Oregon Officials Warn of Unclaimed Money Texting Scam

Recently the Oregon Department of State Lands or the DSL has seen an increase in reports of residents receiving texts claiming they have unclaimed money owed to them by the state. These texts often have links to sites who offer paid searching or paid assistance to claim money or property. The DSL is warning residents against using any of these paid sites as it is 100% free to search and claim missing money on the Oregon website.

Oregon has over $740 million in unclaimed money and unclaimed property in its coffers. Last year they took in over $70 million in new accounts. For more information on Oregon unclaimed money click here.

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