Ohio Ready To Return $3 Billion | Maine Offers Unclaimed Money Map

Ohio unclaimed money
Ohio currently holds over $3 billion in unclaimed money and property.

The state of Ohio is in the Billion when it comes to unclaimed money and unclaimed property according to a report.  The Buckeye state is currently holding over $3 billion in missing money and property.  This past Feb 1st was National Unclaimed Property Day which was created by NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) which is a national organization.  Akil Hardy, the superintendent for the agency’s Division of Unclaimed Funds is trying to help his residents who may be struggling due to the pandemic by getting their money back to them.

The claims for Ohio can be as low as $25 but the average is closer to $1500 per account.  While they are creating new programs and continue to return record number of amounts of unclaimed money, they still are taking in over $300 million in new missing money and property.  The Ohio website itself doesn’t offer a searchable database, like many states they use MissingMoney.com to help residents search for their money.

Maine Has New Map Showing Where Unclaimed Money is Located

Maine Unclaimed MoneyThe state of Maine is currently holding over $275 million in missing money and property.  In a recent article they showed a map which highlights the amounts of unclaimed money owed throughout the state.  The coastal area, especially near Portland is where the most money owed resides.  The total number of accounts in Maine is more than 4 million with the average claim at $560.  The largest claim ever paid by the state is over $800,000 paid out last fiscal year.

The state of Maine offers a free searchable database. Results include a claim ID which can be used to check the status of a claim which can take several weeks to process. The results also contain the name the claim is under as well as the company or organization that reported it. The exact amount of the claim is not listed, however the results do indicate a range of the amount including over $25, $50, $100, $500, and $100

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