Lady Gaga Among Celebrities That Have Unclaimed Money in California

Millions and millions of Americans are owed unclaimed money and property, including some celebrities.  In a recent article from Celebrity Net Worth, they listed 20 celebrities that have money owed to them from California.

Money can become unclaimed in a variety of ways.  From lost checks, to unused gift cards, to lost bank accounts and more.  Celebrities spend lots of their time on the road, for tours or shooting movies and therefore they can have their funds lost more easily than you or I.  Lady Gaga, legally known as Stefani Germanotta, herself is worth hundred of millions, but she is not immune from unclaimed money.  Currently she has over $500 in unclaimed property through a variety of accounts, with the largest being a payroll service for the entertainment business.

Lady Gaga is just one of many celebrities that have money unclaimed.  Also included on this list is the half billion dollar man himself, Flyod Mayweather.  He is owed just under $100, this amount is likely to go unclaimed.  I doubt he needs the $93 and change the state of Nevada owes him.

Even Megan Markle has some cash owed to her from PayPal and Chase, totaling almost $50.  The one with the largest amount owed from this list is Drake.  He is owed nearly $3200 from the state of Connecticut’s revenue department.  Hey, that could pay for gas for his 747!

These 20 celebrities listed in this article are just a few of the many celebrities and sports stars that have missing money.  Here are some more celebrities owed money.   In these unprecedented times be sure to search for yourself and your loved ones to see if there is any unclaimed money owed to you!

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