Utah Unclaimed Money COVID - 19

Utah To Hold Unclaimed Money Webathon | Louisiana Helping Businesses Find Unclaimed Funds

State Treasurer David Damschen thought like most, this pandemic and struggling economy would increase searches for unclaimed money.  Not the case according to a report.  March was a steady month in terms of online searching, but there was actually a dip in unclaimed property searching in April.

Last year, the division reunited some $29 million dollars worth of such cash and property to its owners or their heirs. But that is still less than 10% of the more than $370 million dollars it’s holding onto right now.

“We’re custodians of that money,” said Damschen. “Our sole purpose in the Unclaimed Property Division is to chase down the rightful owner of that money, and put it back in their pocket.”

~ KSL.com – Utah

This inspired Mr. Damschen to increase his efforts to help the citizens of Utah find lost money and help them through these difficult times.  This Monday, June 22nd, from 11am-5pm MDT his office will hold a Webathon.  During this 6 hour period, they will be answering specific questions, showing individuals how and where to search, and also providing success stories from those who have already claimed their money.  Go to our Utah State page for more information.

Louisiana Helping Businesses Through COVID-19

Louisiana unclaimed propertyLouisiana has over $100 million in missing money and property waiting to be claimed.  As this pandemic and subsequent stay at home orders have done across the US, many businesses have struggled, including those in Louisiana.  State Treasurer John Schroder and his department have begun looking for unclaimed money and property for businesses.

According to an article, they have found several million dollars for struggling businesses that is rightfully theirs.  This list includes the most vulnerable businesses, non profits.  If you are a struggling business anywhere in the US, be sure to Search Your State to see if your business has any unclaimed money or property.

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