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Lee Harvey Oswald Photos Among Texas Unclaimed Property | Kansas Launches Christmas Cash Initiative

The holiday season is upon as and it could come early for some residents of Texas as the state gears up its outreach to help return over $ 4 billion in unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  In fiscal year 2018 Texas returned over $240 million in unclaimed money and property, its largest year to date.  Unclaimed property in the lone star state includes items and cash that has gone unclaimed for as little as one, up to five years.  Once turned over to the state, it remains in accounts until the property is claimed.

Be sure to search relatives who have passed away as well.  If you are the rightful heir you will be able to claim as well.  They also offer assistance in the form of their ‘research department’ and will assist in searching if you fill out a form.  For claims over $100 Texas does charge a 1.5% handling fee and they will mail a check to anywhere you currently live.

While most accounts are unclaimed cash, such as utility deposits, insurance proceeds, dividends, etc, some accounts are actual unclaimed property.  Some of the more high profile items include:

  • Lee Harvey Oswald autopsy photos
  • A receipt for wool written in Italian by Michelangelo’s great nephew, dating to 1586
  • A collection of 149 math books dating from the 15th to the 20th century. Among these books, which are in a variety of languages, are first editions from famous mathematicians ranging from Sir Isaac Newton to Archimedes to Descartes.

Unclaimed Money Christmas Cash Page Helping Kansas Residents With Holiday Expenses

This holiday season, residents of Kansas can look to their state government for assistance with holiday bills.  This season state treasurer Jake LaTurner is using the holidays as a way to get residents to search for unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  Since July 1st, Kansas has paid out over $14 million in unclaimed funds with the average claim being nearly $350.  If you live or have ever lived in Kansas, be sure to search!


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