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Vermont Has Over $88 Million in Unclaimed Money | $1.5 Billion Mega Millions Still Unclaimed

The State of Vermont boasts over $88 million in its unclaimed money and unclaimed property coffers.  The average claim is almost $400 and last fiscal year, Vermont paid out almost $7 million.  Like most states, the total continues to grow as the state collected over $10 million in the same time frame.  Vermont has over 480,000 unclaimed money accounts.  According to a report:

“The Treasurer’s Office works to put more dollars in Vermonters’ pockets by identifying and returning money to its rightful heir or owner,” (Beth) Pearce said. “The number of individual claims and dollars paid out increased last year, setting new records. These successes accrue to the benefit of Vermont citizens, allowing you to claim more of your missing money.”

The state holds unclaimed property and funds until the rightful owner can be found.

The easiest way to claim your money is by filing through the website, although claims for more than $200 must be submitted by mail.

Pearce said last year that her staff of four does what it can to reach out — sending hundreds of letters each year.

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$1.5 Billion Mega Millions Still Unclaimed

Toward the end of October the nation was fantasizing of sports cars and private islands as the Mega Millions jackpot reached a record $1.5 billion.  There was one ticket that matched all of the numbers and mega ball.  It was sold in South Carolina and although the winner has until April to claim their prize, they have not done so yet.  This leaves many asking what happens to the jackpot if the winner misses the deadline.

Short answer is that the money gets returned to the individual states and what they do with it varies.  According to a report, In some states including Maryland, the money goes into second chance games and other prizes.  Wisconsin puts the money in a fund to help property tax relief, while Georgia uses the money to assist those suffering from gambling addiction.  The winner can remain anonymous should they claim their ticket, as South Carolina is one of 8 states that allow that.


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