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Where to Look For Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money - Less Common Places To Search

A recent article in US News and World Report is shedding some light on some lesser well known spots to search for unclaimed money and unclaimed property. The most common area is searching the local state databases but there are other places where your money might have gone to. Unclaimed Pension / Retirement Funds One

Lee Harvey Oswald Photos Among Texas Unclaimed Property | Kansas Launches Christmas Cash Initiative

Unclaimed Money Texas

The holiday season is upon as and it could come early for some residents of Texas as the state gears up its outreach to help return over $ 4 billion in unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  In fiscal year 2018 Texas returned over $240 million in unclaimed money and property, its largest year to date. 

Vermont Has Over $88 Million in Unclaimed Money | $1.5 Billion Mega Millions Still Unclaimed

Vermont Unclaimed Money

The State of Vermont boasts over $88 million in its unclaimed money and unclaimed property coffers.  The average claim is almost $400 and last fiscal year, Vermont paid out almost $7 million.  Like most states, the total continues to grow as the state collected over $10 million in the same time frame.  Vermont has over

Louisiana Mailing $15 Million In Unclaimed Money | Florida County Owed Millions

Unclaimed Money Louisiana

This holiday season residents of Louisiana may receive a gift they were not expecting. State Treasurer John Schroder’s office is mailing out 85,000 unclaimed money checks totaling over $15 million.  According to a report: After cross-referencing the Louisiana Department of the Treasury’s database with the Department of Revenue’s updated addresses, officials said 85,000 individuals who were

Michigan Launches New Unclaimed Money Website | Check Out Connecticut’s New Big List for Unclaimed Money

unclaimed money Michigan

Michigan launched a new state of the art unclaimed money and unclaimed property website recently, allowing residents to easily claim their unclaimed funds.  The new website has easy search options for visitors and also allows you to check claim status online.  Unclaimed money reporting is also easier as it is also able to be submitted

Unclaimed Money In Texas Totals Over $5 Billion | Over $700 Million In North Carolina Unclaimed Money

Texas Unclaimed Money

The great state of Texas has over $5 billion in unclaimed money and unclaimed property.  Texas boasts one of the highest totals of missing money in the US.  Each year Texas collects nearly $600 million in new accounts.  These accounts can be unpaid wages, dormant bank accounts, security deposits and more.  (Types of Unclaimed Money) 

1 in 10 Massachusetts Residents Have Unclaimed Money | Iowa Has 6 Months To Return $8 Million

Boston Massachusetts Unclaimed Money

1 in 10 residents of Massachusetts may have unclaimed money or unclaimed property to claim.  The state coffers currently holds over $3.4 billion in money and property and recently added over 44,000 new claims according to a report: Treasurer Deb Goldberg said Wednesday there are more than 44,000 new properties worth millions of dollars owed to people